Board of Directors


My Name is Jennifer Canova, my husband Robert and I have been homeschooling our three children for the past seven years. We have been active in Wisdom’s Way since the very beginning of our homeschooling journey.  We have seen the fruit of homeschooling bloom in our family as we started with our oldest who is now entering her last year of middle school to our middle child who is just entering middle school and our youngest who is in the midst of elementary school. God has provided us with mentors, friends and second family members through the blessing of the Wisdom’s Way Community. We are very involved in our church and volunteer as a family in many ways.  I strive to encourage other families along their journey knowing that homeschooling is not always the easiest path to travel, but the fruit of our labors is always worth it.







Tammie-Casteel-Photo-2If you had asked me as a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said “a mommy”. While in high school I was guided to choose a “career”, I chose veterinarian. In college, by God’s leading I took classes to become a teacher. Today I am mommy and teacher to five wonderful children who share my same love for animals. My husband and I attended the same church as teenagers and after college we realized God had given us the same desires in raising a family for His glory. Even before marriage we had decided we would homeschool our children.

We are in our 10th year of homeschooling and 3rd year in Wisdom’s Way. The women in this association have radically changed our family’s homeschooling experience and I am forever grateful to them and God for this awesome opportunity. To God be the Glory!






Ashley_HallI never dreamed that one day I would be called to homeschool my 4 children. Five years ago God clearly spoke to my heart to pull my kids out of school and begin our new adventure. It has been the greatest blessing I could have ever imagined.

This will be our 6th year in Wisdom’s Way. Being a part of this group has allowed my family to make amazing new friendships. I am honored to be a member of this board of directors.









Jennifer_ShearonIf you had asked me when I was a teenager what I wanted to be when I grew up, homeschool mom or teacher would definitely not have been on the list. Police officer, writer, or entrepreneur? Maybe. As with most of us, God had other plans for my life. I worked in the business world for years before going back to school to get a graduate certificate in Teaching for the Learning Disabled and then my Masters in Education. My husband Mark and I have six children ranging in age from 28 to 10, five girls and one boy. Homeschooling was not in my plan and our older children attended and graduated from a Christian school where I taught various subjects over the years and tutored.  When my now 20 year old daughter was finishing 4th grade, I felt the call to homeschool and have never looked back. The homeschool journey is not an easy one. It takes diligence, time, perseverance and above all, FAITH! As the saying goes, “If God brought you to it, He will bring you through it.” I firmly believe this and have seen it play out in our lives and in the lives of others. Children are a blessing from the Lord and I cannot think of a better way to serve Him than by teaching and guiding His children to grow into what He has for them.

This will be our 11th year in Wisdom’s Way. We would not have been able to continue to homeschool without the love and support of this community. I am honored to serve our group as treasurer. One new title we’ve just acquired…grandparents to a precious baby girl! We’re looking forward to the future and what God has for us.